Online Introduction to Empathetic Communication

  • Do you have friends, colleagues, a partner or family members who ”make you” angry, disappointed, sad or frustrated at times?
  • Do some people tell you that you ”make them” feel that way?
  • Would you rather live your everyday life with less stress, frustration and guilt, and have more joy, calm and ease?

    In that case, we suggest you get to know empathetic communication, based on Marshall Rosenberg´s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – by some also called the Giraffe Language. NVC is used world-wide and focuses on what we need – at any point in time – and ways through which we can get what we and others need without so much stress, frustration and anger. You can read more about NVC on Partners now offers a 120 minutes´ introductory course online so that you can see how NVC might contribute to your life. And you can do so in the comfort of your own home, as we use online technology for our session.

Sessions are offered regularly – get in touch to find a suitable time!

The facilitator, Gert Ceville-Danielsen, has worked on conflict management and peacebuilding since 1994 and trained with Rosenberg and other CNVC Certified Trainers for more than 50 days. He also worked at the UN for 10 years and applied NVC consciously during his time in captivity in Yemen in 2012. Gert is one of only two CNVC Certified Trainers in Norway, the Chair of NVC Eastern Norway and the Secretary of NVC Norway. He promises an interactive and exciting session!

Participants are invited to pay EUR 20 (or the equivalent) for one session, preferably using PayPal. For more information and to register for a suitable time, please contact us on We also offer trainings in Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese.

We hope you are curious to learn more and we invite you to a session with learning, fun and reflection!