Webinar: Giving and receiving gratitude in a juicy and meaningful way

Note: Webinar også på norsk – se nedenfor.

It is that time of year again, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you will probably be faced with gratitude – either being grateful or receiving thanks. Do you think it can get a bit “stiff” sometimes? A bit “automatic”? And even kind of “fake”? Enough of that! Let´s find juicier, more honest and more meaningful ways of saying and receiving thanks!


We have all been there – thanking someone for a gift, a compliment, a greeting or something else. The autopilot says “thanks”, “thank you” or even – with enthusiasm – “thank you SO much!” Sure – we mean it, we are grateful, right? And at the same time, wouldn´t you want to really show that person how what they said, did or gave to you contributed immensely to your life, gave meaning and joy? Or – in the most challenging situations – wouldn´t you want to be able to respond with honesty and care that what you got was not as meaningful to you, thereby showing them that you have the trust to be genuine and honest and that you want to strengthen the relationship (instead of nodding falsely, going behind their back and running down to the store and get a refund the next day)?

I would love to show you how!

When people receive gratitude, I find even more amusing answers: “That´s nothing.” “Don´t worry about it.” “Don´t mention it.” “That little thing? That is the least I could do.” “It was just a tiny gesture…” “I am sorry that is all I could come up with…” Or someone just bending their wrist unacceptingly and saying “pfffffff….”

Again, there are ways to receive gratitude which are very meaningful to me and truly shows the person that you receive their thanks. You appreciate the recognition and you are happy to see they truly contributed to your life and your happiness. There is a juicier, more authentic and more meaningful way.

And I would love to show you how.

Join my webinar on Zoom in English or Norwegian on the following dates – just in time for Christmas:



Friday 22 December, 1400hs-1500hs (Oslo time) in English: Giving and receiving gratitude in a juicy and meaningful way

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Fredag 22. desember kl 1530-1630 (Oslo-tid) på norsk: Takke og ta imot takk på en levende og meningsfull måte.

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I look forward to seeing you on Friday!