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We’ve all been there. “You do not understand what I mean!” “Why do not you do what I ask you?” “If you really love me, do you understand that?”

Communication is not always easy and it is often even more difficult in a relationship or friendship where we often have high hopes and where many emotions are difficult to control. At the same time, we often hope for more understanding – these are the ones we are so fond of !? Wouldn´t they understand that?

Do you want to find a way to communicate and live where you listen better to yourself and your partner or friend? A way in which you learn to pay attention to yourself while helping to take care of the needs of others? A way where you can be honest and talk in a way that is not received as criticism and where you manage to constructively handle what you interpret as criticism of you?

We now hold a four-hour online course over two weeks. so you can explore “uncritical communication” and learn more about a philosophy of life and communication that focuses on your own and the other’s feelings and needs and win-win solutions. “Uncritical communication” works well at work, socially and in other situations, too, and this time, we will be looking at close relationships. The difficult conversation. At times, the tough comments. And the need to take care of yourself.

“Uncritical communication” is also called empathic and acknowledging communication and is based on “Nonviolent Communication (NVC)”, developed by the American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. It is nevertheless not about violence as we know it. It’s about finding constructive ways of communicating and living together, and how we can get what we and others need and live richer lives without so much stress, exhaustion, frustration and anger. Read more about NVC here:

During this course we look at
– how we manage a difficult conversation with a partner or friend
– how we can listen better and understand each other
– how we can be honest and not sacrifice ourselves
– how we can manage conflicts more easily with regard to others

At this course we do not ask for prior knowledge. The course consists of theory, reflection and a range of practical exercises individually, in pairs and in groups.

And, best of all, you get a free one-hour course first, to see if this is something you would like to learn more about and if it’s useful and relevant to you.

We meet oGert Ceville-Danielsennline, through a free software called Zoom, which is very similar to Skype. Then we can have interaction and dialogue, with camera and sound, and even collaboration two-and-two and in small groups.

The trainer for both courses is Gert Ceville-Danielsen. He has worked with conflict management and peace work since 1994, and has trained with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, and a number of other certified NVC trainers. He has also worked for the UN for 10 years and used NVC very consciously when he was kidnapped in Yemen in January 2012. Gert is also the Director of NVC Norway and is one of only two NVC trainers in Norway who have been certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC, USA).

Read more about Gert here.


Monday 16 July, 7-8PM, Central European Time:
How can we improve our communication with a partner or a friend?

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Mondays 23 and 30 July, 7-9PM, Central European Time:
How can we go deeper in our communication with partners and/or friends and actually get results?

Cost: EUR 50. To confirm your place on this four-hour course, please transfer your amount to Empathos Partners´ Norwegian bank account via international transfer to IBAN NO4315038546071 (BIC/SWIFT DNBANOKKXXX) or use PayPal below. Invoice and receipt are available (with a cost of NOK 50 each, for the work implied). Members of NVC Norway pay EUR 40, and members of Empatid pay EUR 35. All participants may use the course in their CNVC Certification Process.

Sign up here! There is a limited number of seats.

We look forward to seeing you on 16 July and/or 23 and 30 July! Welcome!

Your, with empathy and excitement,

Gert Ceville-Danielsen and Empathos Partners


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