Former Clients, Partners and Employers

Our advisers have worked with numerous organisations, Governments, companies and other partners. These include:

  • Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional
  • Centre for Peacebuilding and Conflict Management
  • The Civil Society Report on the Decade of a Culture of Peace
  • Corporación Integral para el Desarrollo Social y Cultural
  • The Diocese of Sincelejo
  • Empresa y Medio Ambiente
  • The Hague Appeal for Peace
  • FK Norway
  • Fundación Entorno
  • Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Túm
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • Rotary International
  • Salita Translations and Interpretation
  • Save the Children Norway
  • Servicios Técnicos para el Desarrollo
  • UN Association Norway
  • UNEP
  • UNDP
  • UNESCO Brazil
  • UNICEF Norway
  • The UN Resident Coordinator´s Office
  • UN Volunteers
  • The Yunus Foundation


“[…] great teamwork skills, taking the lead when solving problems and completing tasks efficiently is needed. Empathetic, sensitive and with an active position with the problems faced by countries, and its people, where the UN system works.”
– Noelia Jover, Climate Change Specialist


“[…] very dedicated […], has excellent public relations and communication skills, complete tasks on time and with professionalism. Great team player and colleague.”
– Danila Boneva, Aid Effectiveness and Resource Mobilization Specialist


“Always open to innovation, […] is a great team player and an extremely serious and competent professional. […] looks carefully at details and combines a strong professional background to a deep human sensitivity, which helps […] connect with people, particularly in an organisation that looks at human development as the heart of its mandate.”
– Francesco Galtieri, Empedocle Maffia Fellow, MC/MPA, Harvard J.F. Kennedy School of Government, and former Chief, Peace Programming Section, UN Volunteers


“[…] an open and enthusiastic colleague […] good at strategic communication and gets the job done!”
– Audun Melaas, Manager Organisational Development at Aker Solutions


“[…] detail-oriented in a very positive way, and delivers high quality work. […] very good at personal relations, communicates well and is open to innovation. […] a great team player who manages to balance […] professional side with […] human side.”
– Kari-Mette Gjertsen, Project Manager, Bring Mail

“Having worked with […] on the facilitation of a major event of over 400 people from around the globe – I can attest to [their] excellent facilitation skills, as well as the mentoring and support [they] provided the whole facilitation team. It was a pleasure to work with [them]: a master-facilitator!”

– Dominic Allen, Chief, New York Office, UN Volunteers