Sustainable Human Development

Capacity Assessment and Development

  Sustainability is all about building on existing capacities, assessing what there is in the local context and exploring measures which can help widen or strengthen such capacities. We help you assess current capacities in your organisation, group, company or community and work with you to further strengthen them, where needed.

Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation

  Communities are affected by climate change in many different ways. There is an increasing need to manage the impact of climate change in development in order to reduce its potential threat. At Empathos Partners, we can guide you in identifying measures to mitigate negative impacts and to adapt to climate change.

Context Analysis

  Before embarking on a new project or initiative, it is useful to carry out a context analysis in order to identify potential challenges and opportunities, weaknesses and strengths. We support you in analysing the political context, particularly looking at the main stakeholders and their relative influence over the success of your idea.

Effective Development Cooperation

  A timeless issue, ensuring that development cooperation is effective is a key priority for programme countries and development partners alike. Basing our experience on the nationalisation of the Paris Declaration, the Accra Action Agenda and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, we help you identify and implement concrete measures for enhanced aid effectiveness.

Environmental Management

  We can support you in assessing the impact of your interventions and help ensure that environmental considerations are integrated at the earlier stages of your programmes/projects and in their design and implementation. If you need environmental impact assessments, we can also prepare them with and for you.

Gender Equality

  “Mainstreaming gender equality” is a well known concept in the development community, but unfortunately the concept is not always well implemented. We support you in ensuring that the integration of gender equality into your programmes, projects or initiative truly translates into concrete solutions which go far beyond the number of women in a workshop or seminar.

LGBTI Rights

  Despite much progress over the last few years, with particular victories at the United Nations, the discrimination of and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people is a major concern world-wide. We can help your company, organisation or community design LGBTI inclusive solutions through the assessment of policies, infrastructure and culture.


Monitoring & Evaluation

  Often, we do not set aside enough time nor resources to monitor and evaluate our development programmes and projects, frequently leading to missed opportunities and potentially harm. We can help you design a solid M&E mechanism for your programme, or carry out monitoring and evaluation of any initiative.

Results-Based Project Management

  It might be stating the obvious, but concrete, relevant and timely results are what truly stand between you and sustainable human development. Too many projects still plan and monitor activities only, without seeing how these activities can effectively generate solid results. We help you plan, design, implement or monitor your project, ensuring that attainable and relevant results become your focus.

Sustainable Management

  Economic, social and environmental aspects should be embedded in the development cycle. At Empathos Partners, we will work with you to adopt sustainable practices for all stages of the project, from identification, to design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Waste Management

  Waste management is an increasingly important challenge, particularly in the developing world. It has potential significant impact on health, environment and the population. We can support you in assessing how to reduce and re-use waste and manage waste adequately to improve the quality of life of local communities, and advise you on waste management from start till finish.

Water Management

  Water is a limited resource that needs to be managed in an integrated way. At Empathos Partners, we help you develop water resources strategies and projects in consultation with all stakeholders.