Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement

Drafting, Editing and Proofreading

  Do you need support in drafting or finalising a concept note, a project document or a new policy? Let us use our trained eye and native languages to give you the very best result.

Events Management

  A successful event is one which takes care of the participants´needs and ensures solid deliverables or results at the end. With our international experience, we can support you in planning for and organising your seminar, workshop, panel discussion or conference.

Facilitation (meetings, workshops and conferences)

  An impartial and effective process facilitator knows which methods to use to extrapolate the most meaningful messages and reflections from an audience or a group. With a highly participatory approach, we can facilitate your on-site or online meeting, workshop, conference or webinar.

Motivational Speaking

Inspiration is what drives us, what keeps us going, what makes us cross the finish line. We offer experienced motivational speakers who use storytelling and innovative methods to help captivate and inspire your audience and convey your message effectively.

Translation and Interpretation

  Google Translate cannot compete with the trained eye of a native speaker, and interpretation for events on international relations, development or conflict management is no breeze. For all our thematic areas, we provide translation services and interpretation which make sense, use current terminology and are a delight on the eye or the ear.

Training and Mentoring (on-site and online)

  The most effective way to retain knowledge is learning by doing – also when we engage our partners. For any of the thematic areas in which we work, we offer trainings, seminars, webinars and mentoring which focus on your needs and truly make you remember.