Conflict Management

Conflict Analysis and Management

  Conflict is not necessarily negative. Conflict can highlight new ideas, underline important priorities and help us identify pressing needs. Applying careful conflict analysis and using effective conflict management tools, we can train you or help you move from stalemate to effective solutions meeting everyone´s needs.

Empathetic Communication

  As social animals, human beings often generate or engage in destructive or violent behaviour – mostly without even being aware. Empathetic communication, based on Marshall Rosenberg´s methods, provides tools for genuine connection and effective communication. We offer basic, intermediate and advanced training in compassionate communication for you, your family, your work place, your organisation or your community.   Register now for our online course: Introduction to Empathetic Communication  


  Direct or shuttle mediation can be a very effective tool in managing conflicts and finding solutions which are agreeable to both or all parties. Through our experienced mediators, we can help you find agreements based on dialogue, consensus and common needs.