About us

Empathos” comes from the Greek “pathos”, which means “feeling” or “experience”, and “em” which means “in” or through”. “Pathos” has also been said to mean “passion”, which would make “empathos” mean “in passion”. The name “Empathos Partners” was chosen because we truly believe in empathy, we are passionate about what we do and we always work in partnerships – with each other and with you.

Empathos Partners was originally founded in 2006 as GD Consulting by Gert Ceville-Danielsen and re-activated in 2016 as Empathos Partners with an expanded team of advisers and areas of work.

Empathos Partners also belongs to an extensive global network of service providers who work in related and complementary areas.

For more information or a service offer, kindly contact info@empathos.org